"What is Forged Carbon? An introduction to the material of the future"

"Was ist Forged Carbon? Eine Einführung in das Material der Zukunft" - CRBNCNCPT

What is forged carbon?

Forged carbon is a relatively new material that is gaining popularity in various industries. It is known for its lightness, strength and aesthetic appeal. But what exactly is Forged Carbon and how is it made?

First of all, forged carbon is a composite material made up of carbon fibers and a resin matrix. However, unlike traditional composites, Forged Carbon is not made by layers of carbon fibers and resin, but rather by a patented technology called "Forming in Place" (FIP).

The manufacturing process of Forged Carbon

The FIP process starts with carbon fibers that are cut into small pieces. These pieces are then placed in a mold and impregnated with a resin matrix. The mold is then cured in an autoclave under high pressure and high temperature. During the curing process, the resin becomes a hard matrix that surrounds and binds the carbon fibers together.

The result is a homogeneous and high-strength material with a unique pattern created by the random distribution of the carbon fibers.

Forged carbon compared to other materials

One of the most important characteristics of Forged Carbon is its lightness. It is approximately five times lighter than steel and three to four times lighter than titanium. Despite its lightness, however, Forged Carbon is also extremely strong and stiff, making it an ideal material for applications that require high strength and low weight.

The Applications of Forged Carbon

Thanks to this unique combination of properties, forged carbon is used in various industries. For example, it is used in the automotive industry for body panels, interior panels and hoods to save weight and improve performance. In the watchmaking industry, it is used for luxury watch cases to make them lighter and more resistant. It is also used in the sports equipment industry for racing bikes, golf clubs and tennis rackets to achieve better performance.

Overall, forged carbon is a fascinating material with a wide range of applications and promising future prospects. We're excited to see how this material evolves in the future and what new applications it will find.