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Are you celebrating our products & brand and want to take the next step with us?

At CRBNCNCPT we build on a simple, fair & transparent commission model.




With us you do NOT need any screenshots

Your engagement KPIs, like likes and comments of the last 7 posts, impressions and reach of the last 30 days, up to the profile activities of the last 180 days.


We know that the first presentation of our brand to your community is the most sensitive and impactful.

For this reason, we start our cooperation with a thank you in the form of a sales commission of 22.5% for the first three days , so sharing is really worth it here!

During this period, we will completely forego our profit margin and rely on a successful start to a lasting cooperation .

From the third day of our cooperation, we will adjust our sales commission payment and set it at a stable 15.00%, do you think it's fair? Excellent!

Feel free, we don't give you any guidelines! Design your posts the way you think is right.

Payout, tracking & performance analysis in your affiliate account

You can see your successes in your clear partner account, where you can also conveniently have your commissions paid out via PayPal. No minimum payout.

In your partner account you will also have access to your tracking link and your customizable 10% discount code for your community.

If a follower makes a purchase by clicking on your tracking link or redeeming your discount code, this will be reflected immediately in your account, in both cases you will be credited with the same commission.

Get your favorite CRBNCNCPT products

Of course, at the beginning you will receive your favorite carbon products from us free of charge in order to get to know CRBNCNCPT better and to check whether they live up to their promises.

In addition, you can look forward to being continuously supplied with new carbon designs as part of a long-term cooperation.

Have we convinced you? Fantastic!


After you register, we can get in touch with each other briefly - be it by letter, phone or a short video call, whichever is most convenient for you.

I look forward to seeing you, best regards Anil.

Contact us

Do you have any questions about the partner program or are you interested in cooperating with us in another way?

Feel free to contact me at anilwinkler@crbncncpt.com or use our contact form.

I'll try to answer your question as quickly as possible.