From accessories to interior design: CRBNCNCPT relies on forged carbon for innovative designs

Von Accessoires bis Inneneinrichtung: CRBNCNCPT setzt auf Forged Carbon für innovative Designs - CRBNCNCPT

Forged carbon, also known as forged carbon or carbon composite, is an innovative material that has attracted more and more attention in recent years. With its unique marbling and impressive technical properties, Forged Carbon offers a wide range of opportunities in the fashion and product design industries. In this article we want to take a closer look at the aesthetics of forged carbon and how designers use this material to create fascinating and unique creations.

The look of Forged Carbon:

Forged carbon is characterized by its characteristic marbling, which is created from the irregularly shaped carbon fibers that are pressed together during the manufacturing process. The resulting texture is not only visually appealing, but also gives the products a certain depth effect. The forged carbon has an intriguing look that is both modern and timeless, inspiring designers around the world.

Applications in fashion:

Forged Carbon's unique texture offers fashion designers a wealth of opportunities to enhance their creations. Whether used as an accent in jewelry, watches or even in shoes and handbags - Forged Carbon gives each piece a futuristic touch and makes them stand out from the crowd. Designers can use forged carbon as the main material or as an additional element to visually enhance their designs and give the wearer a sense of exclusivity and innovation.

Use in product design:

In addition to the fashion industry, forged carbon also has the potential to revolutionize product design. The material's unique aesthetic can be used to create a variety of products such as car bodies, cell phone cases, card holders, or even pieces of furniture. The marbling of Forged Carbon gives each product an unmistakable look and underscores the designer's high quality standards.

Practical examples:

Some innovative companies and designers apart from the automotive industry have already started to use the intriguing aesthetics of forged carbon in their creations. Here are some examples:

  • Luxury watch manufacturers using Forged Carbon for cases and bracelets to create a striking yet lightweight timepiece.
  • Sunglass manufacturers using Forged Carbon for the frames of their eyewear to offer a distinctive look and enhanced durability.
  • Designers of high-end furniture who incorporate Forged Carbon into their creations to create futuristic and eye-catching pieces.


As a brand specializing in the manufacture of high-quality carbon accessories, CRBNCNCPT is passionate about the numerous opportunities that forged carbon offers in the fashion and product design industries. The unique marbling and the fascinating aesthetics of the material allow us to create exclusive and innovative products.

With our vision of gaining a foothold in the field of interior design in the future, we see great potential in the use of forged carbon. Thanks to its impressive properties and aesthetic diversity, we can also develop futuristic and attractive pieces of furniture and decorative objects in interior design in the future.

At CRBNCNCPT, we always strive to push the boundaries of design and make the most of materials like Forged Carbon to offer exceptional products to our customers. We look forward to shaping the future of fashion and product design together with Forged Carbon and continuing to delight our customers with our innovative creations.