Fascination Carbon Fiber - Indispensable material of the modern world

Faszination Carbon Fiber (Kohlenstoff) - Unverzichtbares Material der modernen Welt - CRBNCNCPT

The versatile uses of carbon

Carbon is an extremely versatile and practical chemical element because it is what so-called carbon fibers are made of. These are used in a wide variety of areas and industries.

Here you can read within a few minutes what makes this material special and which carbon accessories might also be interesting for you.

What is Carbon?

Carbon is carbon fibers that are made from organic raw materials. Various chemical compounds based on this can have their atomic structure changed during the manufacturing process.

Up to 98% of all elements of the compounds, apart from carbon, are split off in gaseous form. Since the proportion of carbon in the compounds increases at higher temperatures, this process requires up to 1,500 °C. The carbon fiber as the end product acquires useful properties through these complex work steps, because despite the relative lightness of the material, it is extremely strong and durable.

The well-known inventor Thomas Alva Edison is considered a pioneer of the various possible uses. In 1881 he received a patent for a carbon fiber light bulb, using the thermal conductivity of the material. Since this is not the only advantage of carbon compounds, the potential of the material has been continuously researched around the world to date.

Today, carbon is more relevant than ever, and is just as important for industrial groups as it is for science or your personal everyday life. Several of these developments have only been developed in recent years and carbon fiber is still considered to be the way forward.

Indispensable for engineers from all areas

Carbon-reinforced plastic was initially developed exclusively for various space missions because this material could reliably withstand the enormous loads.

However, this special compound soon found application in other extreme situations.

If you are enthusiastic about racing or cars in general, you will be interested to know that the machines in Formula 1 as well as modern electric and hypercars use carbon-reinforced plastic. This is due to the light weight and high strength of the fabric. Aircraft and racing cars have to carry less weight and therefore work more efficiently, while electric cars have a significantly longer battery life.

Even aluminum, which has recently been used as a lightweight alternative to other metals, weighs a third more than carbon compounds and has less elasticity and stability. For example, the BMW i3 electric car consists of 95% carbon compounds.

In aviation, parts of long-haul jets and other aircraft are also made entirely of carbon-containing materials. However, the targeted use of the compounds also brings advantages if the base material is different. Concrete for buildings and bridges can be reinforced with carbon fibers to make it more resilient.

High-quality materials for every industry

Through the use of modern 3D software, the areas of application for carbon have recently developed further. The material itself is important for the energy industry because it is used for the lining of fusion reactors.

Even in medicine, for example, X-ray machines or parts of wheelchairs are made from carbon fiber. Factors such as elasticity and hardness can now be controlled during production as desired.

So you might come across carbon if you're looking to build your own home, as carbon fiber doesn't corrode. Or maybe you already use bicycles or wear watches that are partly made of carbon.

However, the first-class carbon fibers come at a price, which is why you will only come across them in quality products. So if you keep up with the times and rely on high-quality manufacturing and longevity of your products, you can pay more attention in the future to whether they contain carbon.

Carbon fibers in everyday life

In addition to the various industrial uses, you might be surprised at the other everyday areas in which carbon is used.

Even in fashion you can expect carbon to be used. The reliable quality of the products is equally convincing with a contemporary and elegant aesthetic.

Your interior design can also be stylistically refined with carbon. From designer furniture to lighting to charging stations for your electronics, everything is possible here.

If you do sports in a club or in your free time, the use of carbon is also important for you. Mountain bikes are becoming lighter and more flexible, sports clothing is extremely tear-resistant and equipment such as golf clubs and ski equipment are becoming resilient companions in even extreme situations.

A large part of these areas of application were not yet feasible a few years ago, but today the unique and versatile options of carbon are open to you.

If you want to further integrate this extraordinary raw material into your own everyday life, you can also find musical instruments, drones and computers that use carbon in their production.

The special versatility of carbon gives you the opportunity to integrate it individually into your everyday life and adapt it to your own style.