No more jingling.

Reach every key in style.

Discover minimalist key organizers made from 100% real carbon fiber & forged carbon developed by Lamborghini.

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Forged Carbon Schlüssel Organizer - CRBNCNCPTForged Carbon Schlüssel Organizer - CRBNCNCPT
Sale price€35,00 Regular price€50,00
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Carbon Fiber Schlüssel Organizer - CRBNCNCPTCarbon Fiber Schlüssel Organizer - CRBNCNCPT
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Forged Carbon Schlüssel Organizer Duo - CRBNCNCPTForged Carbon Schlüssel Organizer Duo - CRBNCNCPT
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Carbon Fiber Schlüssel Organizer Duo - CRBNCNCPTCarbon Fiber Schlüssel Organizer Duo - CRBNCNCPT
Sale price€39,00 Regular price€70,00

Open Smoothe's door

It's time to ditch the annoying jingling of the classic key ring.

If you are looking for an elegant & simple alternative for storing keys and opening the door, you will find exclusive key holders made of (almost) indestructible carbon with us.

Carbon from aerospace & motorsport makes your key organizer stable, light and exceptional thanks to the black & gray marbling.

Great solution for my key mess. It's a bit tricky to assemble, but it's worth it. Keys are easy to get out without looking around. Gladly again.

Review by Jakob Wittmann

100% real carbon